Carl Stahl Kromer

Rust-free spring balancer

for ergonomic tool support in humind work environments

By using food grade grease (NSF-compliant) and stainless materials, the use of Kromer quality products now are meeting the strict guidelines of the food industry as well.
The proven basic principle of the Kromer products of course remains in the stainless edition: Heavy applications, such as saws for the cutting process of meat, are kept from the stainless spring balancer in a desired position for the user and can thus operated without any problems. The ergonomics, as well as the workflow in production can be sigificantly improve by incorporating Kromer products into the production process chain. Of course, the high standard safety equipment of our Kromer products is also found in the stainless edition.

Rust-free Retractors:

Rust-free Balancers:

Load retraction

Load balancing

Funktion Gewichtsausgleicher

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