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Balancers for ergonomic load handling in ATEX Zones

The Kromer ATEX Balancer series was specially developed for areas in which explosive atmospheres though flammable gases or combustible dust can occur. ATEX load balancer or also known as ATEX tool balancer, are neutralizing the weight of loads such as tools, work equipment or hoses and are positioning them at a desired height. As a result, work steps in assembly and production can be carried out more quickly, more precisely and fatigue-free. The Kromer ATEX balancer series is covers a load range of 15 to 55 kg and ensures a working stroke of 2 m. It benefits from over 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of spring balances and is characterized above all by its high product safety and quality.

A worker is pointing on a big hose which is beeing held by an balancer. the hose therefore is fixed in a height.
A worker fills oil from a device through a hose. The hose is held by an ATEX balancer to ensure fatigue-free working.
ATEX Balancers

ATEX Balancer Type 7235 EX

Load range: 15 – 55 kg   |   Cable travel: 2 m

  • Freely rotating and swiveling screw-type spring hook for suspension
  • Integrated ground connection
  • Cable drum of high-strength chill-cast aluminum
  • Integrated device for blocking the cable drum
  • Infinitely variable load setting via endless screw
  • Closed ball bearings
  • Higg performance load spring
  • High-strength steel cable
  • Fast cable replacement system
  • Infinitely adjustable cable stop buffer
  • Screw-type spring hook for load suspension
  • A longer cable is available upon request

  • ATEX compliance for gas: II 2/2G Ex h llA + ethanol T6 Gb/Gb
  • ATEX compliance for dust: ll 2/2D Ex h lllC T85°C Db/Db
  • Integrated earth connection against static charging
  • Additional fall protection chain
  • Top suspension via high-strength safety hook
  • Spring break protection
  • Encapsulated spring
  • Bottom suspension for loads with safety screw type carabiner
  • 100% quality controls by Kromer

ATEX Balancer Type 7235 EX
Product table
ID no. GTIN Capacityin kg Strokein mm Own weightin kg InquiryPrice
7235 EX00 01 4262403198685 15,0 - 25,0 2000 7,80
7235 EX00 02 4262403198739 25,0 - 35,0 2000 8,90
7235 EX00 03 4262403198746 35,0 - 45,0 2000 9,50
7235 EX00 04 4262403198760 45,0 - 55,0 2000 9,75
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Important information about the application of the KROMER ATEX Balancers

The legally regulated ATEX marking provides guidance on the correct use of spring balancers in potentially explosive areas though flammable gases and combustible dust. Every device that is used in potentially explosive atmospheres must indicate the areas for which it can be used safely if used as directed.  Overview of the suitability / use of KROMER ATEX Balancers:

ATEX Compliance - flammable Gases:

Logo ATEX Compliance Gas
Mark Category Description
II: Group For use in locations with explosive atmospheres, except in the mining sector.
2/2G: Category 2 (Zone 1 Gas) Use in areas in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of gases, vapors and mists can occasionally occur.
Ex h: Ignition protection category Protection through constructive safety according to EN ISO 80079-37 (non-electrical devices)
llA: Explosion group Classification of gases based on their ignitability. The dangerousness of the gases increases from A to C. Covers all gases from A and also the gas ethanol from B.
T6: Temperature class Defines ignition ranges based on the ignition temperatures of substances. With> 85 ° C, T6 is the class with the highest requirements.
Gb/Gb: Equipment protection level (EPL) Does not contain any effective ignition sources with regard to gases during normal operation and in the event of expected malfunctions.

ATEX Compliance - Combustible Dust:

Logo ATEX Compliance Dust
Mark Category Description
II: Group For use in locations with explosive atmospheres, except in the mining sector
2/2D: Category 2 (Zone 21 Dust) Use in areas in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of dust / air mixtures can occasionally occur.
Ex h: Ignition protection category Protection through constructive safety according to EN ISO 80079-37
llC: Dust group C Can also be used with conductive dust. This group “C” includes all other groups.
T85°C: Max. surface temperature Can be used for dusts and dust deposits with an ignition or smoldering temperature above 85°C.
Db/Db: Equipment protection level (EPL) In normal operation and in the event of expected malfunctions, it does not contain any effective sources of ignition with regard to dust.

ATTENTION: Further important information on the correct use of the ATEX Balancer Type 7235 EX can be found in our user manual. In addition, you can also contact our technical support at any time if you have any further questions. We are happy to advise and assist you.

The main benefits of spring balancers

Basically, all KROMER ATEX Balancers have got two main functions: The weight compensation function and the storage function:

Weight compensation function:

  • Fatigue-free work even over long periods of time
  • Sensitive and prices work and improved handling of applications
  • Protection of employees from overload

Storage function:

  • Increased safety in the workplace through improved structure and organization
  • Reduced costs by shortening throughput times thanks to ergonomic workplace design I
  • Increase in productivity through improved handling of applications
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KROMER ATEX Balancers can be used in the following EX zones

The requirements for machines and products vary from industry to industry. Wherever flammable substances such as gases or dusts are manufactured, processed, transported or stored, however, safety plays a particularly important role. Especially in the chemical and petrochemical industry, or in oil and gas production.

The risk of an explosion is based on the probability of the simultaneous occurrence of fuels (concentration of ignitable gases, vapors or dust particles) and oxygen over a certain period of time, which are defined by EX-Zones. KROMER ATEX Balancers are designed for the following ATEX zones:

ATEX protection zone 1 - Explosions though flammable gases:
Area in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist can be expected during normal operation.

ATEX protection zone 21 – Explosions though combustible dust:
Area in which it is to be expected that an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air can occasionally occur during normal operation.



Balancer for industries
with explosive areas

Thanks to the explosion-proof design of the Kromer ATEX balancer, it can be used in areas with flammable gases and dusts. Typical industries with potentially explosive areas include the oil, gas, chemical and wood processing industries. In addition, there are many other areas of application in which an ATEX balancer can be used profitably…

atex spring balancers for woodwork
Ex balancers for pertol stations
EX balancer for the oil industrie
ATEX spring balancer for varnishing
ATEX conform Spring balancer in the logistics
ATEX spring balancer for more ergonomics in explosive environements
ATEX spring balancer in the chemical industry
ATEX balancer for working with flammable gases and dusts
ATEX balancers for more ergonomics in explosive atmospheres