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Your professional lifting equipment in assembly and production

As an established manufacturer for spring balancers (tool balancers and tool retractors) in various designs, we offer reliable lifting aids for operating equipment in the manufacturing industry and deliver individual solutions for your tool and load handling needs ranging from 0 to 300 kg. By using practical lifting aids from Kromer, you simultaneously improve ergonomics, safety, and productivity in the workplace. As spring balancer manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, we are able to develop customized solutions with load springs, tailored to the individual requirements of your applications and tailored to the the specific requierements of your working environment.

Tool balancers in various designes

For a safe and ergonomic load handling up to 300 kg

Explore our spring balancer solutions for different work environments:

Zertifizierte Kromer Federzüge

Our services

With a comprehensive range of services, we support our customers before, during and after the purchase process. From onboarding for new customers, spare parts support and after-sales repair services to tailor-made product solutions for your individual applications. Rely on a high level of reliability and quality - not only in relation to our products, but also in relation to our services.

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  • The term Spring Balancer

    Was versteht man unter einem Federzug

    Spring balancer is the common term for balancers, retractors and positioners in the field. This is surely not wrong because they all are using a load spring to fulfill their purpose. But on the other hand the term spring balancer is also not describing what the actually products purposes are. So there are different terms within the spring balancer famaly...

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  • Happy Halloween - Watch our Movie

    The Balancer of Dread - Kromer Halloween 2023

    As every year on Halloween, witches, ghosts and monsters are up to mischief. They wander through streets and gardens and even stop in front of our customers' production halls. You don't believe in ghosts? We show you the opposite in our short film "The Balancer of Dread" ;-)

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  • Announcement: New ESD protected spring balancers line

    ESD geschützte Federzüge und Gewichtsausgleicher von KROMER

    With our new ESD product line, we are expanding the area of ​​application for spring balancers and weight balancers. ESD-protected spring balancers and balancers are suitable for avoiding rapid electrostatic discharge or static charging in electronics processing productions. You will soon find all important information about our new ESD spring balancers on our information page. We would also be happy to advise you on our new ESD products. We are looking forward to your contact!

CO2 neutral spring balancer manufacturer

About Carl Stahl Kromer

Since 1917, we have been developing and producing high-quality spring balancers at our location in southern Germany for operating and lifting equipment for use in the manufacturing industry. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, we are a established manufacturer for high-quality spring balancers such as tool balancers and tool retractors. With a large range of balancers, retractors and positioners in various designs, we offer our customers many different solutions for tool and load handling ranging from 0 to 300 kg. Their manufacture therefore requires a high degree of precision. In doing so, we are always guided by the principles of ergonomics and occupational safety in everything we do. Customer benefit comes first. The high quality of our tool balancers and tool retractors is a reflection of their long service life, high precision, and reliability – a quality claim that is supported and secured by our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. In order to meet changing market requirements, we check, document, and optimize our processes at regular intervals.

Since we manufacture a large portion of the individual parts for our products ourselves, we are not completely dependent on suppliers and are therefore able to send our balancers and retractors to our customers within short delivery times. As part of the Carl Stahl Group with over 70 locations worldwide and an established network of sales and service partners, we also offer our customers first-class services around the globe – be it spring balancer spare parts support or individual spring balancer product trainings.

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