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Spring Balancer by Carl Stahl KROMER

Ergonomic tool support in assembly and production

We offer high quality spring balancer solutions as handling equipment in assembly and production. Our customers benefit from 100 years of experience in the production of spring balancers and always can rely on first-class service and high quality products Made in Germany.

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Stainless version

of Spring balancers

In contrast to our classic product line, the stainless steel housings are not made of a lacquer, but a high-strength aluminum alloy, which also withstands aggressive detergents and high-pressure cleaners. In assembly, we use only food-safe greases (NSF compliant), the various items such as screws or the cable, are made entirely of stainless materials. This ensures the use of our products in workplaces with particularly strict hygienic regulations.

Special integrated compressed air supply

for spring balancer

Air hose spring balancer are ideal for pneumatically operated tools of various sizes. Pneumatic guns, impact wrenches, sandblasters e.g., can be connected directly to the spring balancers, thus improving safety and ergonomics at the workstation. Important: The diameter of the hoses has an influence on the air-flow. So remember to follow the recommendation of each tool for the right application. We are happy to help you with the product selection.

The Kromer positioner

In contrast to spring balancers and weight balancers, the positioner has an integrated brake mechanism. This ensures that the attached load ( e.g. cordless screwdriver) is held securely and reliably in the desired position. The special feature: Even with changing load (when changing tools), it will remain in the desired position. The Kromer positioners are often used in conjunction with energy cubes or height-adjustable lamps at assembly workstations.

Your benefits...

Reliability and longevity of the products guarantee a steady and high performance.
More security through constant inspection checks. Only manufacturer with GS certification. Safe handling of the products.
Specially designed for very sensitive work. Ensures high precision in daily work.
Everything from a single source thanks to a comprehensive product range. Modular design of the devices. Easy and fast maintenance.
CSK products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. CSK is the worldwide quality leader.
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Exemplary example of the value concept "Made in Germany". Quality thinking is always in the focus.
Pioneer in spring balancers and zero gravity balancers. Oldest manufacturer and inventor of spring balancers.
Highest demand for service before and after the purchase. Fast spare parts delivery and repair of the products.

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  • Thank you for the great cooperation in 2020!

    A year with many challenges, both business and private, is slowly coming to an end. Working together is not always easy, especially in difficult times.
    So this is why we were particularly pleased about the great cooperation with our customers and partners during this challenging year: Thank you very much!
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