Carl Stahl Kromer

Ergonomic tool handling with Balancers and Retractors

With a load range up to 300 kg our spring balancers, such as retractors and tool balancers, are suitable for many different applications. They often serve as support units for tools by ensuring quick readiness for use. From crodless screwdrivers to heavy welding guns - Carl Stahl Kromer spring balancers keep power and pneumatic tools safe and reliable and ensure a safe and productive work environemt in assembly and production.

Products - Overview:

How to choose the right product:

1/ Balancer vs Retractor: Choose an ergonomic concept

Think about which ergonomic concept will bring you the desired benefit: The Balancer (weight neutralization) is suitable for neutralizing loads and positioning them at the desired height. The Retractor (weight retraction) always returns the attached load to its original position. Note: Kromer Retractors are also available with an automatic ratchet lock system  which ensures that loads can be positioned at predefined positions.

Balancer: Fast, precise and fatigue-free work with loads of up to 300 kg
Retractor: Clear and safe workplace design, ergonomic work with light loads of up to 14 kg.

The different ergonomic spring balancer concepts in a video: Watch it now

2/ Work environment: Choose a suitable product design

Every industry has different requirements for equipment. So think in advance where the specific balancer or retractor should be used and choose the right product design: Rust-free balancers and retractors for humid working environments, ATEX balancers for working environments in which explosive atmospheres can occur, hose balancers for working with pneumatic tools...

3/ Load range: Think about the weight of your application (tool):

Note, that the load (e.g. tool) to be balanced or retracted must always be within the load range of the respective balancer or retractor.

Balancer Example: Weight of tool = 4 kg | Suitable Balancer = Type 7230 0000 01 with a load range of 3-5 kg (covers the 4 kg of the tool)
Retractor Example: Weight of tool = 8 kg | Suitable Retractor = Type 7221 0800 03 with a load range of 7-10 kg (covers the 8 kg of the tool)

4/ Cable travel: Check the requiered working stroke for your application

Make sure that the maximum cable travel of the Balancer or Retractor is greater than the required working stroke of your application. In this context, always check the height of the top suspension of the Balancer or Retractor as well. Make sure, that your application (p.e. tool) can reach the place of use (workplace). Note: We offer additional cable extensions for particularly high suspension points.