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Kromer is your specialist for spring balancers (balancers and retractors) of all sizes and types. Thanks to the practical handling devices, your employees in assembly are relieved of the weight of the application used and can thus make their work much more ergonomic and safer. We offer inexpensive entry-level models through to highly professional editions for loads of up to 300 kg. Kromer's current product range includes balancers, retractors, hose spring balancer, stainless spring balancers, ATEX Balancers and ESD Balancers. Discover our range of balancers and retractors and find out about the individual product specifications of our practical lifting aids. We would also be happy to make suggestions for possible areas of application and support you with the implementation directly in your work environment. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, we also offer custom-made products such as cleanroom balancers or individual integrations.

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Products - Overview:

How to choose the right Tool Balancer or Tool Retractor:

[1] Choose the right product function:

Which product function brings you the greatest benefit?
Which production function makes your work easier?

A Balancer (also known as a Tool Balancer or Load Balancer) is suitable for neutralizing loads and balancing them at a desired height. As a result, your application becomes weightless and can be operated precisely and without fatigue. If your application increases or decreases in weight, the load must be readjusted, otherwise the Balancer will lose its zero-gravity ability.

A Retractor (also known as spring balancer or tool retractor) always retracts the attached load to its starting position. As a result, your workplace remains clear and structured. Note: Kromer Retractors are also available with an automatic arresting system (ratchet lock), which ensures that loads can be easily positioned in a predefined location.

Positioners have an integrated braking system which ensures that loads are positioned at the desired height. The special thing about the positioner is that it holds the attached load, even if attaching an extra weight.


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Tool Balancer:

Product function and benefit of a balancer

Tool Retractor:

Function and benefits of retractors

Tool Positioner:

How the Kromer Positioner works


[2] Choose the right balancer or retractor design:

Are there special requirements for equipment in your industry or your work environment?

Depending on the industry, there are different and special requirements for working aids like spring balancers. So pay attention to the different designes of our tool balancers and tool retractors. Choose the product, that adapts best to your individual work environment:

Rust-free Balancers and Retractors:
For use in humid working environments such as the meat-producing industry.

ATEX Balancers:
For use in areas in which explosive atmospheres can occur due to combustible dusts and gases such as those found in the oil, gas, or chemical industries.

Air hose Balancers and Retractors:
For use in connection with compressed air tools (pneumatic tools)

Cleanroom Balancers
For ergonomic load and tool handling in sensitive production areas (clean rooms)

Double-cable Balancers:
With an additional carrying rope for even greater safety – for working with very valuable applications

Manual lock Balancers:
With a manual locking device to position an application at a desired height

Different spring balancer versions

[3] Choose the right load capacity for your balancer or retractor:

Please note that the load to be compensated (e.g. tool) must always be within the load capacity (load range)of the respective Balancer, Retractor, or Positioner.

Caution: An incorrectly selected load capacity can cause property damage and in the worst case, personal injurys. Please read the respective operating instructions before use or contact our support at Kromer. You can find operating instructions in our download area.

Overview - Load capacity (range):
Load Balancer.................... 0,4 - 300,0 kg
Load Retractor....................0,0 - 14,0 kg
Load Positioner...................0,5 - 7,0 kg

Choose the correct load capacity for balancer


[4] Choose the right rope length (cable length):

Think about your individual application and the requiered working stroke in the workplace.

In order to be able to determine the correct rope length, you first have to know the height of the top suspension point of your load balancer or load retractor. Always make sure, that the length of the rope (cable)  is long enough to reach the workplace. In this matter, also make sure that the installation allows a certain freedom of movement (vertical)  at the place of use, so the enduser is able to carry out work precise and ergonomic.

Note: We offer additional rope extensions (cable extensions) for particularly high suspension points. Product dimensions / technical drawings can be found in our download center.

Cable length of balancer
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