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Further, creative applications with spring balancers

Classic user industries such as the automotive industry are not the only ones to use Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers. Some customers use our cable hoists in completely different areas with great creativity. In close cooperation with us, the users have developed unusual and very lucrative applications for cable hoists. Carl Stahl Kromer spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers can be found in equestrian sports and at work stations for people with disabilities. They are used very efficiently and in a great many ways. Discover examples of how Carl Stahl Kromer cable hoists can add utility not only as practical handling devices for industrial tools, but in entirely new ways.

You may already have a particular idea that you would like to implement in cooperation with us. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Retractors and balancers for equestrian sports

Veterinary rehabilitation technology and equestrian sports – significant inventions

Spring balancers are also used for a new invention in equestrian sports – the Multi Fidgi riding and training aid. The device consists of innovative auxiliary reins with adjustable roller springs. Such a device is of great utility in equestrian sports. Without pressure or compulsion, the special reins support your horse in finding the correct neck extension position and building muscle. At the same time, the flexible auxiliary reins assist beginning riders in finding light, constant contact.

Our products are also used creatively in the area of horse therapy (veterinary rehabilitation technology) Based on Kromer balancers, the patented PM Horse Swinglifter was developed to relieve the locomotor system of ailing horses in the long term. The horse retains full freedom of movement, including both standing and lying. Keeping the horse in constant contact with the ground, the balancer helps bear the animal’s body weight. The load relief allows the locomotor system to heal better.

Veterinary rehabilitation technology and equestrian sports – significant inventions

Ergonomic workplace design with spring balancer

Load relief with handling devices in human support

Load relievers are ideal for supporting people with disabilities. They are already being used at work stations for the disabled. The balancers relieve workers of loads and allow them to perform their duties while exerting less force. The effective support allows them to reach their full potential and perform a wider range of duties.

Human Support

Spring balancer for the factory equipment

Assembly plants for white goods

So-called white goods include various electrical household appliances. Kitchen appliances and washing machines are the primary items that fall under this category. The name was taken from the color that was widely used for the devices in this area. Much must be done just right if electrical appliances need to work safely and reliably. White goods manufacturers must take great care to ensure that the appliances are functional and free of defects. No errors can be made in design or installation. Safe use is ensured only when all these conditions have been fulfilled. In the area of white goods, it is therefore important to create perfect framework conditions so that workers can concentrate and work precisely.  Handling devices are a great support in achieving these conditions. During installation, our cable hoists of leading quality relieve the worker of the tool’s dead weight and position the tool at the perfect height where it poses no hazard. The fitter can work ergonomically and without interruption. Each work step is quick and smooth.

Individual spring balancers for special machine constructions


The practical handling technology can be used in a customized manner. One example of how Kromer is already using spring balancers in special machine construction is linear guidance of multi-purpose tools. They make handling multi-purpose tools effortless along the entire rail line. The tools are simply guided along with the workpieces. Balancers as handling aids on linear guides are easy to imagine for such applications as holding long extraction hoses or similar lines at a stable elevated position.

Special machine construction with the help of spring balancers