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Ergonomic workstations design with Tool Retractors

Organize your tools in assembly and production to increase productivity and safety

KROMER Retractors are used in the manufacturing industry at assembly and production workstations to improve tool management.
The aim is to increase ergonomics and thus safety and productivity at the workplace.

How to use Tool Retractors

Tool Retractors or also called Spring Balancers, are usually installed above an assembly workstation, where tools such as power tools or compressed air tools are kept ready for the user. If a tool is required for a work step, it can easily be pulled down to the place of use. After completing the work step, the tool is simply released and automatically returned to the starting position by the retraction force of the Retractor.

This process leads to several advantages:

  • Tools can be found quickly and are always ready for use (clear and well-structured workspace)
  • Throughput times are shortened and thus productivity is increased
  • Safe storage of tools (reduces the risk of injury from tools lying around)
  • Contactless storage reduces wear and tear on the tool and thus increases its service life
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Overview Retractors:

Load Retractor 5200
Capacity: 0.5-2 kg | Cable: 2000 mm
Load Retractor 7200
Capacity: 0 - 2.5 kg | Cable: 1600 mm
Load Retractor 7211
Capacity: 0.5 - 5.5 kg| Cable: 2500 mm
Load Retractor 7221
Capacity: 2 - 14 kg | Cable: 3000 mm

Discover more Retractors

Depending on the working environment, industry or tool, a special Retractir version is suitable. That's why Kromer Retractors (Spring Balancers) are available with different equipment: Hose Retractors for working with compressed air tools or stainless Retractors for applications in moist environments such as the food industry.


Tool Retractors (spring balancers) with automatic ratchet lock

Kromer Retractor type 7212 and type 7222 are also available with an automatic arresting mechanism (ratchet lock), which can be very useful for special applications. With the automatic ratchet lock, you define a premature retraction stop at certain positions. In this way, loads like power and pneumatic tools are positioned at a desired height. A useful feature, especially for repetitive work in assembly and production. Our tool retractors are used in nearly every manufacturing industry, especially where people work with hand-held power tools and pneumatic tools.

We would be happy to advise you in detail to find out how our spring balancer solutions can be optimally integrated into your company to reduce costs, increase productivity, and relieve your employees. As spring balancer manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, we provide customized solutions. Do not hesitate to contact our experts for a non-binding spring balancer consultation.