Carl Stahl Kromer

Spring balancers with an integrated air hose

For ergonomic assembly work with pneumatic tools

Our high-quality air hose retractors of type 7211 and 7221 are available with a compressed air hose measuring 9x13 mm or 11x16 mm. In addition, we also offer an air hose balancer type 7223 with a permanently integrated air hose measuring 5x8 mm. All our hose spring balancers are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar and can therefore be combined with all common pneumatic tools in assembly.

air hose balancer for pneumatic tools

Overview - Hose balancer and retractor:

Hose Balancer 7223
Capacity: 0,4 - 3kg | Cable: 800 mm
Hose Retractor 7211
Capacity: 0,5 - 5,5 kg | Cable: 2500 mm
Hose Retractor 7221
Capacity: 2-14 kg | Cable: 3000 mm

Advantages of Kromer air hose balancers and retractors

Our high-quality hose load balancers for ergonomic handling of pneumatic tools are durable, manufactured in accordance with DIN 15112, and tested for safety by an external testing agency. That is why our hose spring balancers for compressed air tools bear the GS seal of approval (tested for safety). By using hose spring balancers at assembly workstations, work can be carried out more safely, more precisely, and over a longer period of time without a drop in performance. Kromer hose retractors and balancers cover a load range of 0 to 12 kg.

For the air hose retractor 7211 and 7221, we also offer an automatic arresting system that stops the retraction force and enables locking the attached load at a predefined position. Especially for repetitive work steps, the automatic locking system further increases ergonomics at the workplace.

Advantages of Kromer air hose balancers