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For a long service life of your Kromer Spring Balancers

Spring balancers (tool retractors and tool balancers) are typically used daily and therefore subject to normal wear and tear, like any piece of factory equipment. To always ensure the safety and functionality of our products, they must be checked at regular intervals.As a manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, we are your reliable service partner for the maintenance and repair of Kromer Spring Balancers. We offer all repairs and maintenance as a service; we enable and support those responsible for carrying out maintenance and repairs themselves through our professional product training; or we put you in touch with a service partner in your area. Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of one of our services.

Maintenace and repairs of spring balancer
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Maintenance-friendly product design

Thanks to a modular design and a large spare parts stock

Our spring balancers (tool retractors and tool balancers) are designed in a modular way and are incredibly user-friendly in terms of maintenance and repair work. In concrete terms, this means that wearing parts such as the load cable or the load spring can be replaced quickly and easily without having to dismantle the entire spring balancer. We keep all important spare parts in stock and are able to send them to our customers with short delivery times.

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FAQ's regarding mainteance and repair work

Installation, maintenance, and repair of Kromer Spring Balancers
  • For safety reasons, maintenance and repair work may only be carried out by a qualified person. We offer a special training.
  • Each Kromer Spring Balancer (Retractor or Balancer) comes with a corresponding original operating manual in which we provide important information for the safe handling of Kromer Spring Balancers. Please always read the operating manual carefully. All Kromer operating manuals can be found in our download area. If anything is unclear, please get in touch with your service partner for Kromer Spring Balancers or contact us directly.
  • Any change to the Spring Balancer (Retractor or Balancer) and their accessories may only be made with the express consent of the manufacturer.
  • The device and its components, especially the rope, suspension, and fall protection, must be checked daily (before starting work). If damage or wear and tear are apparent, the components of the spring balancer have to be replaced immediately.
  • For the highest possible safety, functionality, and service life of your Kromer Spring Balancers (Retractors and Balancers), only use Kromer original spare parts. Request a spare part list here.
  • On our Carl Stahl Kromer YouTube channel, you will find useful service videos on maintenance and repair for Kromer Spring Balancers.