Carl Stahl Kromer

What sets us apart as a manufacturer of high-quality Spring Balancers

Traditional knowledge

As the inventor of spring balancers, at the beginning of the 20th century, we have been dealing with the topic of ergonomics and safety at work for more than 100 years. Quality thinking, which was much more pronounced in the past than it is today, continues to accompany us through the entire manufacturing process. We are still convinced that we will stick to the right path with long-lasting, sustainable products that are geared to the benefit of the customer and will continue to do so in the future - not only with regard to satisfied customers, but also with regard to our environment.

Through an honest and open communication culture, the great knowledge and traditional values ​​have been passed down through generations. In the end, we were able to establish ourselves as a global quality leader in the field of spring balancer production.

Spring balancer prodductionn know how at Kromer

Future-oriented thinking

In an ever-changing environment, we face new challenges with a high level of commitment. With the awareness that a successful future development can be designed only in a modern and optimized work environment, we keep our company up to date in every respect. In order to be able to meet our own, high demands, we pay attention to a very good equipment of ours Production facility and optimal working conditions for our employees - for example, through new technologies and software solutions, the use of ergonomic tables and chairs and especially through the individual development of employees in all departments of our company.


Modern production techniques for spring balancer

Holistic approach in quality assurance

By quality we mean the sum of all properties of an object, system or process. This means that the quality of our products is significantly linked to upstream, individual value systems. These include, for example, careful suppliers and material selection, continuous production process monitoring and a test laboratory equipped with modern testing equipment and machines, in which our technical experts carry out regular quality controls.

With an average complaint rate of less than 2% within the last 10 years, we confirm a functioning, process-oriented quality management system. At regular intervals, we are additionally controlled by the external service provider TÜV-Süd and therefore carry the ISO 9001 certificate.



Carl Stahl Kromer qualitymanagement

Environmentally friendly production

Environmental protection and sustainability are also important values ​​of our company. A functioning ecosystem is the basis for the existence of our society and must not be destroyed. We are committed to minimizing waste, conserving resources and, as far as possible, not burdening the environment. The increasing reduction in paper consumption, the introduction of a state-of-the-art scanning system and a well thought-out environmental management concept, which is binding on all employees, are measures to achieve this goal. Carl Stahl Kromer is also certified to EN 14001 and bears the seal CO2 neutral company.

All our certificates can be found here.

Environmentally conscious production of balancers