Carl Stahl Kromer

Kromer Tool Positioner

Safe tool and cable management in production

Unlike tool retractors and tool balancers, Kromer Tool Positioners have an integrated brake-system. The brake-system ensures that loads such as tools or power cables can be positioned reliably and variably at a desired height, even if the weight of the attached load changes. A popular practical application is the combination of a Positioner and an energy cube, since several power tools can be plugged in or unplugged as needed.


Organize your production equipment with Kromer Positioners

The Type 5250 Kromer Positioner allows supply units or hand-held scanners to be positioned conveniently within easy reach for the user, but outside the actual operating zone. Tools are simply pulled to the desired height, where they do not interfere with work. This means that the Positioner keeps tools out of the immediate work area and does not endanger the head or upper body. The Positioner Type 5250 is particularly suitable for improving safety and ergonomics in assembly and production workspaces.

Tool positioner for cable and tool management at workplace

Positioner 5250

Capacity: 0.5 - 7.0 kg | Stroke: 1.5 m

Product details

Variable positioning for light-duty tools up to 7 kg

The brake force can be adjusted easily and quickly, and the impact-resistant housing from specially designed and extremely durable plastic makes the Kromer Positioner suitable for harsh industrial environments like workshops or assembly lines. With a load capacity from 0.5 to 7 kg and a working stroke of 1.5 m, the Positioner can be used with almost every industrial working tool on the market. The Positioner Type 5250 is manufactured and assembled at our location in Germany in accordance with the strict safety requirements of DIN 15112.