Carl Stahl Kromer

Ergonomic load and tool handling with Balancers

Increase safety and productivity in assembly and production

Carl Stahl Kromer tool balancer, also known as load balancers or spring balancers, belong to the family of hoists (lifting equipment). They represent manual lifting aids for tools and other loads and help to improve ergonomics in the workplace. Due to the conical cable drum of the tool balancer, the retraction force is almost the same over the entire cable length. This makes the load attached to the balancer weightless and can be positioned at a desired height. This enables the user to work precisely and without fatigue - even over long periods of time. In the field, load balancers are also used to manage tools and other working aids in the workplace. They can be stored contact-free at the workplace, which means they are less subject to wear and tear. In this context, workplace safety also improves though balancers, since the requiered tools are stored safely and tidily at the workplace.


Advantages of

  • Faster working steps
    in assembly, because of well organized tools in the workplace (tools in waitin position - always to ready to use)
  • Increase occupational safety,
    because of well-organized tools in the workplace.
  • High work performance
    of employee, even over long periods of time, because of no negative impact of the own weight of the tool.
  • Consistently high quality of work,
    because of no premature signs of fatigue and subsequent concentration gaps


Tool Balancers - Overview:

Tool Balancer 6,5 kgTool Balancer 7228
Capacity: 0,4 - 6,5 kg | Stroke: 1,6 m
Load Balancer ukTool Balancer 7230/31
Capacity: 3 - 21 kg | Stroke: 2 m
Load Balancer ukTool Balancer 7235/36
Capacity: 15 - 55 kg | Stroke: 2 m
Spring BalancerTool Balancer 7241
Capacity: 12 - 100 kg | Stroke: 2 m
Spring balancer for 55-125 kgTool Balancer 7245
Capacity: 55 - 125 kg | Stroke: 1,8 m
Double cable balancer 12-100 kgTool Balancer 7248
Capacity: 12 - 100 kg | Stroke: 2 m
Spring Balancer uk 15-200 kgTool Balancer 7251
Capacity: 15 - 200 kg | Stroke: 3,0 m
Spring balancer 150-300 kgTool Balancer 7261
Capacity: 150 - 300 kg | Stroke: 1,5 m
Assembly line with carl stahl kromer balancer
Kromer balancer for safe and ergonomic over head work