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Kromer training courses for users, resellers and maintenance

Practice-relevant content for safe handling of Kromer spring balancers

Learning something new is always worthwhile and can even bring about a decisive competitive advantage. By participating in one of our various training courses, you ensure that your company has the necessary expertise in dealing with Kromer spring balancers. Benefit from our comprehensive knowledge about spring balancers and become a specialist yourself.

As a Sales Manager, you will be confident and competent in customer discussions. With the necessary specialist knowledge, you strengthen your customers’ trust in you as a specialist consultant and strengthen your relationship with your customers in the long term.

In production, you design ergonomic and safe workspaces so that your staff can work under the best possible conditions. This has positive effects on the work atmosphere and the productivity of your production team. Save valuable time on maintenance and repair work and reduce the risk of injury from incorrect use of spring balancers.

Find a suitable training for you:


Kromer Produkte erfolgreich Verkaufen

Reseller / Sales:

  • Expert for Kromer spring balancers and counterweights
  • Safe and competent appearance at the customer
  • Identify customer needs and offer suitable solutions
  • Customer-oriented selling
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
  • increase in sales

Instandhaltung Federzüge

Service / maintenance / repairs:

  • Safe handling of Kromer tool balancers and tool retractors
  • Professional maintenance and repairs in-house
  • Reduction of testing and maintenance times
  • Reduction of downtimes in production (maintenance of equipment)
  • Improved service and support internally and externally

Weiterbildung für Nutzer von Federzügen


  • Safe handling of Kromer tool balancers and tool retractors
  • Well structured and organized workplace design
  • Increased safety in the workplace
  • Professional installation and individual adjustments
  • Increased ergonomics in the workplace
  • Precise, fatigue-free and fast work