Carl Stahl Kromer

The Kromer Load Positioner

For a safe tool and cable management in production

Discover another effective aid for improving work station ergonomics – the positioner. It represents an especially innovative development in the area of spring balancers and zero-gravity balancers. The positioner is designed especially for keeping supply units within easy reach and adjusting their height. These supply units can be compressed air, water, and mains and other power connections. The lateral adjusting screw allows you to set the suitable brake force and use the positioner safely. It is a practical invention that minimizes risk of injury and greatly facilitates handling. A great feature of the positioner is that the desired position is kept safe and reliable, even when the load changes.

Tool positioner for cable and tool management at workplace
Positioner 5250
Capacity: 0,5 - 7 kg | Stroke: 1,5 m

Positioning device for cable and tool management

The Type 5250 Kromer positioner is the first to allow supply units or hand-held scanners, for example, to be positioned conveniently outside the danger zone. They are simply pulled to the desired height, were they do not interfere with work. This means that they are no longer in the way in the immediate work area and do not endanger the head or upper body when they swing back and forth. The integrated brake securely holds the desired position even when weight changes as a result of plugging or unplugging compressed air hoses, electric cables, or similar lines. The brake force can be adjusted quickly and without complication. It is not necessary to remove the drum. Operation is also extremely simple. The height is simply manually adjusted by actively pulling the load down or pushing it up to the desired position. The positioner is also easy to handle because of its slim design. Its extremely impact-resistant housing of special plastic makes the Type 5250 positioner suitable even for tough environments. It is also equipped with a number of safety devices. The positioner conforms to DIN EN 12100 and DIN 15112 and, to ensure even greater safety, is always delivered with the brake force set to the maximum load capacity.

The positioner is manufactured in two brake force ranges, 0.5-6 kg and 2-7 kg. Its cable travel is 1.5 m. It is important to note that the positioner is not load-carrying equipment, since safety concerns do not allow this function. Our team would be happy to provide you with further information if you have any further questions and advise you comprehensively about the positioner’s intended use.

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