Carl Stahl Kromer

About the company Carl Stahl Kromer

We are a medium-sized industrial company based in Gottenheim in the south of Germany. For many years we have been among the leading international manufactures in the field of spring balancers. Our companies history's goes back to the 19th century - in the long time of our existence, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which is today reflected in the excellent quality of our products. In the year 2000, we became part of the large Carl Stahl Group with over 1,800 employee worldwide. We benefit from traditional medium-sized entrepreneurship and also from the secure structure of a global acting corporation.

The company Carl Stahl Kromer in Germany

Values that matter at Carl Stahl Kromer

Three criteria form the pillars of our corporate behavior:

  • Our staff is the foundation of our company.
  • The satisfaction of our customers is the foundation of our success.
  • Environmental protection is the basis for the existence of our society.

We view shaping our policy to meet the needs of the market to the greatest possible extent as our obligation. This means that we always strive to maintain the company and its capacity in the long term; increase innovativeness thus enhancing competitiveness and always optimize economic behavior in all departments.

Our policy – what is truly important to us

We focus on sustainability

Climate change is the greatest challenge for humanity since the end of the Ice Age. There is now a global consensus that we urgently need to limit this man-made climate change. The success of the emission reductions depends very much on the voluntary and consistent action of the economy in the industrialized countries. So we too are ready to take responsibility for the world that we leave to our children and grandchildren.

For this reason, we have collected greenhouse gas emissions from our company and our services and offset the unavoidable emissions with the purchase of climate protection certificates. With the acquired certificates, we support a sustainable forestry project in Uruguay, certified by the Verified Carbon Standard.

Furthermore, our company is certified according to the latest requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. The certification confirms a functioning, process-oriented environmental management system.

Carl Stahl Kromer- Carbon neutral